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M101 ULTIM Plateform


The successor of the MACIF trimaran and its great record board.

Latest generation of Trimaran of the ULTIM class (31m x 23m) for Francois Gabart. A fully flying trimaran design to flirt with the 50kts of speed.

Co designed by VPLP and Mer Concept.

Built by CDK (floats and crossbeams), Multiplast (Central hull), Magma composite (mainsheet track beam)  and assembled by Mer Concept.

Structure design and calculation for the platform, rig and appendages



Pre study, concept studies, guidance in the architectural choices.

Optimization on every part of the yacht

Complete detailed FEA model

Evaluation of all loadcases including hydro-static and hydrodynamic pressure, global sailing loadcases, rigging, appendages and maneuvers.

Calculation and optimization of base laminate and reinforcements scantlings.

Integration of foils and Trudders systems.

Validation of innovative structural concepts.

Study of hydrodynamic fluid impacts on the crossbeams in collaboration with BV Solutions.

Definition of a material qualification test campaign.

Guidance with the team on their will have optic instrumentation of the platform.

Follow up of the construction and life of the yacht.

Total duration of studies: more that 3 years, 4 engineers, 3500h of design and calculation, more that 300 sketches and drawings.

Full design, calculation and drawings of the mast and boom, calculations and drawings on the foils, centerboard and rudders.


Technical environment

Commercial software :

FEMAP / NX Nastran (EF)

Altair Hyperworks (EF)

AutoCAD (CAD 2D)

Solidworks (CAD 3D and FEA)

3D experience (CAD 3D and FEA)

Paper, pencil and calculator


Internal software :



Sofia (appendages)