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IMOCA « Vers un monde sans SIDA » skipped by Erik NIGON and Clément GIRAUD

(Ex DELTA DORE and Bureau Vallée,  FARR design built in 2006 by JMV Industries)

Need of a new canting keel design that comply with the IMOCA standards

Hydrostatics analysis to define the best bulb weight to comply with the IMOCA stability rules.

High performance stainless steel keel machined by AMPM in a single block.



Proposition and optimization of different hydrodynamic sections for the keel fin

Pre study with a 2D FEA stick model (SOFIA) validated with a full 3D volumetric model using commercial software

Calculation with different load cases from the IMOCA rules (flexion, grounding, combined loads and vibratory study)

Fluttering analysis

Study of the boat hydrostatic stability with a sensibility on mass / center of gravity of bulb / ballast configuration and keel angle to help the skipper in their choice for the best performance

Specific study of the assembly areas (bulb, keel and ram bearings)

3D model for machining and full set of drawing for the keel and attached pieces.

Writing of a report for validation by the IMOCA class.


Technical environment

Internal software : DEPLA (pre study 2D FEA software)

Commercial software :

Solidworks (CAO and FEA)

FEMAP / NX Nastran (FEA)

AutoCAD (full set of construction drawings)