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ULTIM Plateform


An up to date Trimaran of the ULTIM class for Thomas Coville

31m x 23m, 15T

Co designed by Bañuls Design and VPLP, the Sodebo Design team and Martin Fisher

Full structural design and calculation of the platform and appendages by Gsea Design.

Mast design, calculation and fabrication drawings.

Construction by Multiplast, CDK and Persico Marine in Carbon / Nomex



Definitions with the teams and architects of the design specification

Definition and exploitation of the results of material qualification tests

Definition of all loadcases including Hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pressure, global sailing loadcases, rig, appendages and maneuvers.

Pre study in FEA stick model with our internal software suite.

Complete 2D shell model of the structure.

Calculation and integration of all the loaded areas (foils systems, T rudders, centerboard, chainplates)

Definition and optimization of all scantlings to the best compromize between Resistance, Mass and reliability.

Design, calculation and drawings of the mast and associated rigging

Follow up of the construction.

Engineering support since the boat was launched.


Technical environment

Commercial Software :

FEMAP / NX Nastran (EF)

Solidworks (3D)

AutoCAD (2D)



Internal software :