In our project management tooling, we constantly have our finger on the pulse regarding technology, from the most classic through to the most innovative, so as to guarantee the best possible compromise between costs/timeframe.
We run some of our digital simulations using recognised 2D and 3D CAD and FEA software.


HYPERWORKS is a pre / post processing suite, which enables data setting and analysis of finite element models. It’s a multiple solver enabling data setting for different types of solver OPTISTRUC / NX NASTRAN / ABAQUS…
The special feature of this suite is that it is geared towards Optimisation. Once it is coupled with the OPTISTRUCT solver, this tool is capable of providing the optimum stacking for a structure or the optimum form for an opening in a bulkhead.

Included in the HyperWorks suite, this topological optimisation software quickly pinpoints the optimum structure of simple parts.


software_nastranFEMAP is a piece of simulation software that provides high performance finite element modelling. This upgradeable software solution for structural calculation in pre / post processing is compatible with the market’s main solvers, including NX Nastran, which is our chosen option.

We also selected this solution as FEMAP is recognised in the sectors of:

  • Marine & Offshore
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Industrial machines & Equipment
  • Transport

(FEMAP provides interactive support to a wide range of solutions from NX Nastran: Linear and non-linear static, clean modes, Eigenvalue, dynamic, frequential response, spectral response, and random response. Furthermore, NX Nastran for FEMAP includes options for aero-elasticity, super-elements, optimisation and DMAP (Direct Matrix Abstraction Program))


For the design of 2D designs, we use AutoCAD LT, the most common CAD software in the world.


software_solidworksWe’ve chosen to use the latest version of SOLIDWORKS with its FEA capabilities for 3D engineering.
We use the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) functionality to calculate the constraints and displacement of parts and assemblies caused by internal and external loads.