The R&D team at GSea Design is launching Sofia Remote. Sofia, a foil calculation tool, has been developed and fine-tuned over several years by Rémy Balze, an R&D engineer at the Lorient-based design office. The Remote version is the result of GSea Design’s desire to make the capabilities of the Sofia software available to its clients.

GSea Design, which has been working in the domain of foil resistance for a long time, is a major player in today’s performance innovation. This desire to excel translates as the addition of calculation methods through the fluid-structure interaction of foils, which enables the optimisation of the appendage in terms of structural resistance and the overall performance of the appendage and the boat. For this reason, this development is important to the whole chain of skill sets within a design office.

“Use of this tool extends beyond our own business. Indeed, it is also intended to be used by naval architects and those geared towards performance and all the protagonists who work on appendages within a project. They will be able to integrate this tool in their simulators and also use it within the context of their post-sail performance analysis. We’ll be there to support them with this”, notes Rémy, who will be at his clients’ disposal to assist in getting to grips with the software.

The Sofia Remote tool is proposed for two types of application: independent use accompanied with a hotline or use within the context of a project entrusted to GSea Design for proportioning foils and made available to the client and the project’s other protagonists within this remit. Sofia Remote has been accessible online since July 2019.