Every year, the Yacht Racing Forum is the place to be to decipher the future of offshore racing, both in terms of economic and technological development. On this last point, GSea Design is a key interlocutor and two of its engineers have been invited to express themselves. For the first time, GSea Design plays at home, in the Sailing Valley … Lorient.

 “Appendages and foils in particular are no longer the future of offshore racing. They are the present.” Maël, the first to take the floor, sets the scene. “The future will be about making gains in terms of performance and hence understanding. It’ll be important to develop and analyse embedded data and then we’ll be able to design boats able to remain stable on their own

GSea Design is already working on data collected via sensors that cover the whole foil. The Recala software, which has been developed by the team in Lorient, is capable of making a three-dimensional analysis of the foil’s distortion and measuring the stress it has undergone in terms of load. Soon, this data could be accessible as a live stream by the crews themselves, whilst sailing.

Maël will also speak about Sofia, the software developed by GSea Design to optimise the appendages. “This software is linked to an important research on foils and the aim is to optimize the appendage in order to obtain the final sought-after distortion.”

 Higher, faster…

Joseph will be speaking about a more general-interest topic which, despite well knowned in the Sailing Valley, is a lot less common on the international scene: the development of the Ultims Class. How far will they go? “In geographical terms, these multihulls are already going very far as they are circumnavigating the globe. We don’t know their limits yet in sailing terms. Today, our focus is on safety. Safer boats are a prerequisite for any new gains in performance. Servo control enabling better management of the foil will lead to boats going higher, faster”, Joseph assures us.

[The Yacht Racing Forum, which will be held in Lorient for the first time (following Denmark, Malta and Geneva), is a major gathering for competitive sailing protagonists. As such, each year discussions are split into two main areas debated by the world’s top specialists: business and marketing on the one hand; design and technology on the other.
At the Palais des Congrès and the Cité de la Voile, in Lorient, on 22 and 23 October.]