This year, between digital transformation and GDPR, technology forms an integral part of GSea Design’s daily life. Digital tools, historically designed for the company’s core activity, are becoming a central factor in communication with our clients. Following a few months of development, KIRIKO is the first tool we’re unveiling today.

KIRIKO, which stands for QUIck RIg COmputation, is a proportioning tool, which enables us to respond as promptly as possible to your requests for a mast weight estimate.

This application is available online here >>

Upon acceptance of your registration request, you’ll have access to the following interface:

This web page, will enable you to select the features of your request: mast type (spreader, wing, diamond…), boat type, construction details and the various data necessary for processing the request.

The data at your disposal will be as follows:

  • Estimated mass of the tube with reinforcement
  • Cable features (Class EA and load)
  • Conceivable mould geometry